So Ms Quinn is at the vet for her little ‘procedure’. She was a pretty good girl meeting all the new doctor people, but the floor offended her on a basic level, and she said ‘screw it’ and hopped up into the people chairs for a sit.
The vet tech examined her there, laughing her ass off the whole time.

I stayed until she had her ‘nap time’ shot before the anesthesia and helped the tech carry her stoned ass into the surgery.
Then I had a little sit with the two clinic cats in the sun and gave them pets.

The last pic takes some explaining. That is the ass end of a very large, very old tree that had been paved around rather than removed. The windstorm the other night ripped this bad boy out of the ground and fell into the greenspace between the clinic and the on ramp to the highway.
How’s that for shit luck? Dr Sandhu and her husband (my coworker) paid a half a mil for this building just over a year ago. Can you imagine?

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